New Details On DriveClub PS+ Edition: Less Tracks, Less Cars

Sony had a lot to show and a lot to talk about last night. Among the game reveals, the hardware reveal, and the thunderous applause, Sony also talked about PlayStation Plus. The service will be continuing onto the PS4, but this time it will be required to play online.

One of the free games mentioned was DriveClub, Evolution Studio’s launch racing title for the PS4 – but Jack Tretton called the game the DriveClub PS+ Edition during the press conference. It wasn’t entirely clear what that meant, but it we have now gotten some clarification.

Apparently the game will be just like the full version in terms of mechanics and features, but there will be less cars and tracks, so you will still be able to race with your friends, but your choice of what and where you drive will be limited.

There’s no word on whether those cars and tracks will be available as DLC, but you would assume so.

What are your thoughts on DriveClub PS+ Edition? Will you be getting PlayStation Plus when the PS4 arrives or are you already a subscriber? Let us know in the comments.


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