The Last of Us: Campaign Characters Aren’t Coming to Multiplayer, Season Pass Content Details “Over the Next Couple of Weeks”

August 29, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


With The Last of Us patch 1.03 out now, Naughty Dog has fixed and tweaked a few parts of the multiplayer, while adding the Interrogation mode at the same time. When it comes to the future of The Last of UsEric Monacelli, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog, talked about it a little bit on the PS Blog, saying, “We’re working on a lot of cool new things for MP and will be talking about them as they come ready.”

As for what that multiplayer stuff won’t be, Eric said, “Campaign characters won’t be added to the multiplayer. It’s about the Factions not the main characters.” On the bright side though, he added, “We are working on customization stuff.”

Looking at a possible Infected vs. Human mode, Monacelli explained, “We don’t [have] Infected in multiplayer, hence no mode with them.” And when someone asked about a multiplayer survivor mode, Eric only answered with, “We’re working on all kinds of things for MP right now. We’ll see what’s fun and what isn’t.”

Eric then took part in a Q&A with a commenter:

Q: Hope there’s a fix for the crafting in multiplayer, example is you craft 3 items at once and you get a total of +30 parts instead of +90, you would have to close and re-open your bag every time you craft an item to get those extra +30 parts for each item.

A: We’ll look into this. I believe it’s on the radar already but I’ll follow up.

When it comes to future content, there won’t be any sort of Gore DLC for Europe because “the changes were made at the discretion of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe out of respect for cultural variance across the PAL region.” As well, it’s possible that we’ll hear something about The Last of Us’ single player DLC at PAX Prime this week, but Eric also said, “We’ll have news on [the Season Pass content] over the next couple of weeks.”

What do you hope Naughty Dog adds to The Last of Us with future DLC and patches? Let us know in the comments below.

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