Octodad: Dadliest Catch Includes Move Support, No Plans “At the Moment” for a PS3 Version

September 2, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


Because it isn’t going to be crazy enough playing as an octopus trying to pass as human with just your regular old DualShock 4, developer Young Horses confirmed over the weekend that Octodad: Dadliest Catch will support the PlayStation Move.

Requiring just one PlayStation Move controller, they explained how you’ll be moving with the octodad:

You alternate which leg you’re moving using the front Move button for the right leg, or the back trigger for left, and then wave the controller in the direction you want to stumble. When you’re commanding Octodad’s arm, you simply move the controller where you want it to go, and press the Move button to latch your suckers on to nearby objects.

Finishing up the Move announcement, Kevin Geisler, Producer and Programmer at Young Horses, said how “porting to PS4 was surprisingly quick” – so was getting a dev kit – before explaining why Octodad isn’t coming to the PlayStation 3 right now:

It’s a fair question- we went with PlayStation 4 because the system architecture is much easier to work with, and being a small team new to console development, we found that we could actually program it to run on PS4 by ourselves in a reasonable amount of time. A PS3 version could be possible later if we have the resources and money to have another company help port it, but at the moment we do not have plans for that.

Would you want Octodad to show up on PS3, or is PS4 the perfect home for it? Let a cat trying to pass as a monkey know in the comments below.

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