Sony: “If You Compare PS4 Visuals Side-by-Side With Any Other Gaming Console, PS4 Will Look Better Every Time”

In a clear attack on the graphical prowess of Nintendo’s GameCube, Sony has stated that the PS4 will have the best looking titles on any console platform.

SCEA’s Sean Coleman said during the Sony conference at GameStop’s Expo:

Not only do games play better, but if you compare PlayStation 4 visuals side-by-side with any other gaming console, PlayStation 4 will look better every time.

He then asked attendees not to take his word for it, and instead showed them quick clips from Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFamous: Second Son. The comment comes after a generation in which Sony struggled to ensure that multiplatform PS3 titles were equal to the 360 counterparts, but at the same time managed to release incredible looking exclusives like The Last of Us, Killzone and Uncharted.

Do you think the PS4 has the best looking games; or do Ryse and Forza get your vote? Let us know in the comments below, or show off if you have a PC capable of pulling off even better graphics.

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