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Guerrilla Games’ New IP “Will be a While,” Killzone: Shadow Fall Game Director Talks Customizable Multiplayer

Confirmed as one of the many PlayStation 4 launch titles this November, Killzone: Shadow Fall from Guerrilla Games will feature customizable game types when it comes to the multiplayer, something Steven ter Heide, Game Director, talked to Polygon about:

The idea literally is that you have a couple of tabs – the Guerrilla featured ones, the community favorites, for example – we can push content in there. So if we find stuff that’s really fun to play, or interesting, we can push it in there and let people easily find it.

Since it will have so many different options, people could easily exploit the game to the heart’s content, which ter Heide fully supports:

That’s the cool thing, I think it’s giving power to the people. Let them have the controls, and if they figure something out and we go, ‘Well, this is way overpowered, what they’ve done is completely out of balance,’ or whatever, but they enjoy playing it? Who are we to say that they can’t? Better yet, let’s find out what they find enjoyable about it and see if we can provide them with more options and expansion packs to customize it even further and get it to the state where they want it to be.

When it comes to paid expansion packs for Killzone: Shadow Fall, they are likely to include additional features, weapons, characters, and more, but post-launch maps will remain free.

Speaking of post-launch, once Guerrilla finishes up Shadow Fall, that team will then move onto their unannounced IP, which Steven said “will be a while.”

Do you have any ideas for what you’ll do in Shadow Fall’s multiplayer? Let us know in the comments below.