Killzone: Shadow Fall to Offer up Future Map Packs for Free, They Plan to Support the Game “Well After Launch”

Earlier today, we showed you a new trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall, which detailed the multiplayer you can expect in the PS4 launch title.

Over on Guerrilla’s website, they had a little bit more information about that multiplayer, revealing that the downloadable multiplayer maps released for Shadow Fall will be available for free “to ensure everyone can play.” It sounds like there will be quite a few maps to boot, with Guerrilla saying, “We plan to continue support for the title well after launch.”

As well, the progression system has been changed to worth with challenges rather than XP, with over 1500 increasingly difficult challenges to complete in the multiplayer, which has all three classes with unique abilities and 22 different weapons all unlocked from the beginning.

Here’s some new screenshots showing off the multiplayer:

Since we’ve already shown you that Killzone: Shadow Fall trailer today, how about a Killzone: Mercenary trailer instead, which coincides with the start of its beta:

How happy are you that Shadow Fall will have free maps? Let us know in the comments below.

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