Killzone Shadow Fall Director Steven ter Heide Leaves Guerrilla Games

On Twitter today, Killzone Shadow Fall Game Director Steven ter Heide announced that he’s left Guerrilla Games to start something new:

After 12 years I have left @Guerrilla to start something new. Being part of a studio that has achieved amazing things with Killzone, RIGS, and Horizon has been fantastic. I have been extremely lucky to have worked with so many talented and great people and have so many great memories. Starting up something new is going to be a big adventure that I am excited about.

In response, Guerrilla Games said, “Thank you for everything, you will be missed! We wish you all the best on your new adventure!”

If you want to pick up Killzone Shadow Fall or the Intercept content, they’re both on sale for $7.99 USD/$5.99 USD each in the big Mid-Year saleKillzone Shadow Fall is also available through PlayStation Now.

Earlier today, Guerrilla released Horizon Zero Dawn update 1.30, which adds New Game+, Ultra-Hard mode, new Trophies, and more. The new Trophies ask you to complete New Game+ and New Game+ in Ultra-Hard Mode, but they “do not count towards your Platinum. You have all earned that Platinum and we are not taking that away.”

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