Watch Sony’s GameStop Expo 2013 Conference Off Screen, PS4 is in Production “Right Now As We Speak”

On Wednesday, GameStop held their annual GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, where attendees were treated to a 25 minute presentation by SCEA’s Sean Coleman about the PS4 and, to a lesser extent, the PS Vita and PS3.

Unfortunately, the conference wasn’t livestreamed, or officially released to the public. But don’t worry, thanks to PSLS reader Daniel’s recording skills, we have the video for you right here:

As it’s off-screen, some of the footage is a little shaky, but you still get to see what happened, and hear a few new PS4 details. Most notable was the fact that the PS4 is in production “right now as we speak”, so it looks like Sony is trying to prepare for the over a million pre-orders that already exist.

What did you think of the conference? Do you plan to find the warehouse that’s stockpiling all these PS4s? Let us know in the comments below.