Warframe Confirmed as Timed Console Exclusive, Available Only on PS4 For 3 Months

September 2, 2013Written by Kayvon Ghoreshi


When you pick up your launch day PS4 on November 15/29th, you’ll have a wide range of launch titles to choose from including free-to-play games. One of these free-to-play games launching with the PS4 is Warframe. While it was originally announced as a PS4 exclusive, we now know that its exclusivity is only time based.

The developer explained that the title will be exclusively available on the PS4 for three months. This means that Warframe could come to the Xbox One next year, with the developer now looking at the platform ever since Microsoft’s self publishing 180.

Steve Sinclair, the Digital Extremes’ creative director, also had this to say:

With how the industry is evolving, this really is the Player Generation. Games are reaching players hands in so many different ways now and Sony gets it, which is why we are bringing Warframe exclusively to the PS4 first. There’s no reason not to download Warframe on day one if you’re an action game lover – it’s free.

So what are your thoughts on Warframe only being a timed console exclusive for 3 months? Let us know in the comments