Lords of the Fallen Preview – PAX Prime 2013

Looking to develop a game that skirts the line between difficulty and accessibility, City-Interactive Games and Deck13 are bringing Lords of the Fallen to the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One in 2014.

The game is set thousands of years ago, in an alternate world, where a civilization of people rose up against their god Rhoger, imprisoning him in the ground. As time passed, the tale of the upheaval has faded and the only remnant that remains is the giant god’s fingers protruding from ground in what has become thought of as nothing more than a mountain range.

During a hands-off preview behind closed doors, PlayStation LifeStyle was able to get a first look at the latest build of the game in its pre-alpha state. Looking at the title, it is easy to tell that CI Games are not only very serious about this title, but are ready going to come out swinging next year. The level of detail and the quality of texturing offered from CI Games proprietary engine is fantastic, with the overall look of the game being an interesting mix between Gothic and Viking styles. Visually, Lords of the Fallen looks a bit like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with the combat styling of Dark Souls.

Comparing Lords of the Fallen to other games is a good start to comprehend the tone of the game, but the level of depth that was shown and that is planned, could exceed those products at every turn. The combat system looks to be a very complicated mixture of understanding enemy routines and your ability with the weapon in hand. Much like Dark Souls, each opponent is a viable threat that could dispatch a careless traveler, but to its own benefit, none of the fights shown looked to be agonizing if you paid enough attention.

With the ability to use dialog trees and the decisions made within your campaign, Lords of the Fallen will offer a variety of endings and paths for players to choose. Topping that with a crafting system that is said to be in the works, players will have enough choice to keep things interesting, that is if everything works out as planned.

Lords of the Fallen won’t be hitting store shelves until next year, but with how good things look at the moment, we could be seeing a real must have hit in the making.