The Catch-Up: September 6th, 2013 – PlayStation TGS Press Conference in English, Hideo Kojima Clarifies his ‘Erotic’ Quiet Tweets

Being the complete opposite of the rest of the week, today brings us a bunch of news, with very few videos.

General News

  • XSEED has announced that they’ll be bringing The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC to PC and PSP (PS Vita compatible) in 2014 through the PSN. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, which was previously released for PSP, will come to PC this winter. [Press Release]
  • Despite numerous retailers listing it for later this month, we contacted XSEED and the release date for Valhalla Knights 3 on PlayStation Vita is still unconfirmed, though they hope to announce it soon. [XSEED]
  • Nick Button-Brown, General Manager of Games at Crytek, said, “TimeSplitters Rewind is a fantastic initiative that Crytek continues to support. We are happy to see the excitement and we hope it will be a great game.” This is very good news for the prospects of a PS4 version. [Source]
  • Clarifying his previous tweets, Hideo Kojima said, “Perhaps ‘erotic’ was the wrong word. But definitely I was interested in making the designs sexier. Sexiness can take many forms. Sexiness is for male characters too!” Stefanie Joosten, who plays Quiet, added, “I was definitely surprised at first when I heard about it. But without giving anything away, Kojima-san has… Quiet has her reasons for wearing what she does.” [Source]
  • The next-gen version of Metal Gear Solid V will be shown at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. Prepare your eyeballs. [Via/Source]
  • Shuhei Yoshida apparently has 6 PlayStation Vitas. I’m jealous. [Twitter]
  • Double Fine answered the question of whether we’d see Psychonauts 2 with: “It would be too expensive for us to be able to do right now. We don’t think we could raise sufficient funds on Kickstarter either, given the scope of making a proper Psychonauts sequel. But we would love to make it at some point! It’s always on our mind, and we’re keeping a lookout for opportunities; if Double Fine ends up in a position to do Psychonauts justice, we’ll do it!” Chandler would give them $100,000 if they did a Kickstarter. [Twitter/Source]
  • The Sony Japan PlayStation Press Conference at 11:00 PM PST on September 8th and 7:00AM BST on September 9th will be live streamed (we’ll let you know if it’ll be on PSLS), with English translation. Here’s the Ustream link [Twitter]
  • The PlayStation Middle East Twitter account weighed in on the Arabic by saying, “We heard you all & your passion is our drive! Trust us we are doing our best to provide PS4 interface in Arabic. It’s difficult to confirm Arabic interface for launch but your continuous support is important to make it happen! [Twitter 1, 2]
  • Rockstar has updated their Grand Theft Auto V Tourist Guide with Security & Peace of Mind, Fitness & Relaxation, and Exciting Music & Entertainment. [Check it Out]
  • Mark Rubin gave out an explanation regarding the Sniper Rifles and “quick-scoping” in Call of Duty: Ghosts. [Via/TwitLonger]
  • Sunni Pavlovic, Studio Manager at thatgamecompany, expects “the Downloadable Game of the Year award category will vanish soon because it’s just not as meaningful a distinction as it once was.” [Source]
  • Remote Play will be included with the PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and a companion app for the Vita is planned, which would include a database and features in the new Lodestone. [Via/Source]

New Videos

  • F1 2013 gets a new Hot Lap video:

  • Ovosonico has a message for you:

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