Shuhei Yoshida: We’re “Not Saying Anything” About the 64GB Memory Card in the US

Yesterday during their pre-TGS Press Conference, Sony made a bunch of announcements, with the PlayStation Vita 2000 and PlayStation Vita TV getting all of the big headlines. Compared to those, the reveal of a 64GB memory card for Japan (at an equivalent of about $100) was a minor footnote, though it does offer a good solution for people who like to download all of their Vita games.

Unfortunately, there was no mention made of that 64GB memory card coming to the West, with someone asking Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter if the US would see it. He responded with, “We are not saying anything about it.” Boo.

Also on Twitter, Shuhei remarked how the PlayStation Vita 2000 won’t have an add-on port, while giving a fun answer to a complicated question from someone else:

Q: Can four people play #PS4 in local co-op, with two separate TV’s and two screens per TV using #PSVitaTV and stream function?

A: I doubt it.

If the 64GB memory card does get announced for regions outside of Japan, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Would you spend $100 on a 64GB memory card? Let us know in the comments below.

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