Neil Druckmann Explains how PS4 Power Will Improve Storytelling in Games

September 13, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


As was revealed at gamescom, Naughty Dog is working on a PlayStation 4 title right now, which will more than likely be the studio’s first new game since this year’s Game of the Year contender, The Last of Us.

In an interview with GI.Biz, Neil Druckmann, Creative Director and Writer on The Last of Us, talked about how gamers wouldn’t really care about more detailed eyelashes or wrinkles when it comes to rendering realistic characters on better tech, before continuing:

But if you’re trying to tell a more dynamic story or use AI in sophisticated ways – some of the stuff we tried to do with The Last of Us – technology will definitely go a long way. We were running out of memory as far as how many animations Ellie can carry, or how much dialog we could stream at one time. And that’s where going to the PS4 in the future could really help us in the dynamic area of the game where the story is responding to the player’s input on a moment-to-moment basis. Technology still has a long way to go.

Neil also weighed in on the female protagonists issue in games by saying:

I feel like AAA games… we’re on this cusp of at the very least seeing strong, non-sexualized female protagonists starring in games. You’re going to see a lot more of those, and a lot more that are commercially successful. A lot of times in AAA games, people feel like they need to play it safe because there’s so many parts of a giant corporation working on a global scale to launch a title that they don’t want to take too many risks. But once you have enough evidence to say ‘Hey look, this is actually not a risk, this can succeed commercially,’ then creativity can flourish and new avenues can be pushed.

If a PS4 game doesn’t have super realistic eyelashes, will you skip it? Let us know in the comments below.