Michael Denny: “Over 50 External Teams Producing Exclusive Games for PlayStation Platforms”, All 1st Party Studios are Developing PS4 Games

Today’s Sony gamescom press conference was filled with more than its fair share of PlayStation exclusive announcements, but we have some good news for you – there are still plenty more to come.
Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe, Michael Denny, revealed during gamescom that over 50 developers were working on exclusive PlayStation games with SCE WWS, saying:
PlayStation 4’s architecture has underpinned our shared vision for a system designed for gamers by gamers so that, no matter what the idea, big or small, as long as it’s compelling and fun, PlayStation 4 will provide the perfect platform. And echoing the thoughts of the indie community, never before have our teams had such freedom to bring such a variety of creative ideas to life. Worldwide Studios comprises of 14 studios spanning 3 continents. Each of these studios has an essential role to play in our future, with all of them now working on PlayStation 4 titles, including Santa Monica, Media Molecule and Naughty Dog. We also have a large network of over 50 multitalented external teams producing exclusive games for PlayStation platforms.
It’s not just the quantity of new experiences that are important to us, but also the wide geographical and cultural spread of content it brings – and over half of these teams are based in Europe, where we are privileged to work with some of the best talent from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Poland and here in Germany, allowing our gamers to experience a wide variety of culture and gameplay influences from around Europe.
Are you looking forward to seeing what’s in the works in the years to come? Let us now in the comments below.