New DriveClub 1080p Video Features a Time Trial in Chile, Goes From Day to Night

September 13, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


As promised, a brand new DriveClub video was uploaded today, showing off a Time Trial in Chile over a 3 hour period (in 3 minutes), with Paul Rustchynsky, Design Director, driving the car while using a Thrustmaster T80 DriveClub Edition racing wheel (here’s a better quality video you can download):

In part with releasing this video, they also gave out a few details about it:

  • The time of day is accelerated by 60x. Speed of time is something you can choose to adjust before you race.
  • Because the game is still in development, there were some visual issues, but it’s something they’re optimizing right now for launch (improving anti-aliasing and making sure nothing pops into view are a couple examples).
  • You can choose to configure whether the on-screen display in the final game.
  • At 2:30, you can see the safety barriers surrounding the track reflect light most authentically.
  • When the crowd releases balloons throughout the race, they react authentically with the wind and light up correctly at night.
  • The “portal to another dimension” at 0:32 has been fixed already
  • The sky is clear of clouds so that you can see the stars twinkling up above. This won’t always be the case; you can choose how clear or cloudy the sky is when you set-up a race and it will be uniquely generated every time.

How do you think DriveClub looks? Will you be buying the full version at launch, or just trying out the PlayStation Plus edition? Let us know in the comments below.