NBA Live 14 Releasing for PS4 on November 19th, 4 Days After the PS4 Launches in US/Canada

EA have announced that NBA Live 14 will release on November 19th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, four days after the PS4 launch on November 15th in the US/Canada and three days before the Xbox One launch on November 22nd.

As part of the announcement, they released the first screenshot (above), while also making mention of a Twitter Q&A with Executive Producer Sean O’Brien, and all the important information from that Q&A is placed below for you:

  • There will be more content later this week, including a gameplay video and some soundtrack info.
  • The online servers will be dedicated because “the connected consumer is a priority for us.”
  • On game modes: “We’ve announced Rising Star mode and will be rolling out new features as we head into launch.”
  • On hoops physics being realistic: “The hoop physics look fantastic this year. Also, each team will have a different style of play.”
  • There’s over 50 players with their own signature skills and each player has their own dribbling package.
  • It will have playoff atmosphere.

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