Atomicom CEO: The “PS4 is Scarily Powerful”, “We’re Throwing Everything we can at it Graphically and it Just Sits There Laughing at us”

Going from the small confines of PlayStation Mobile, to the big world of the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita is something that developer Atomicom is doing with Switch Galaxy Ultra, the sequel to Switch Galaxy, which will have 60fps, 55 levels, and upgradeable ships.

When interviewed by PunkandLizard, Gary Nichols, CEO of Atomicom, talked about the PlayStation 4 and what his team of 10 people thinks of the upcoming console:

We wanted to do a lot more on the PSM version graphically but we were limited somewhat by the platform and the fact it wasn’t our own engine we were using.

PS4 is scarily powerful, basically we’re throwing everything we can at it graphically and it just sits there laughing at us, almost akin to when James Bond punches Jaws in the face and he stands there and smiles.

Nichols also went on to say how Shahid Ahmad “is one of the finest gentlemen in the games industry” because he took a risk with the PlayStation Mobile version of the game, while also getting them to bring Switch Galaxy Ultra to PS4, where it was previously just slated for PlayStation Vita.

Switch Galaxy Ultra is currently aimed for a PS4/PS Vita release (with Cross Buy, multiplayer Cross Play, and a Platinum trophy) in January 2014, as the developers want to add multiplayer to the final version of the game, rather than just patching it in later.

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