Retailers List 2K Power Pack Collection and 2K Essentials Collection: 3 Games Each for $29.99, Out October 22nd

Though they’ve been listed for about a week at some retailers, none of them detailed what was inside the mysterious 2K Power Pack Collection and 2K Essentials Collection that are priced at $29.99 and dated for October 22nd.

Thanks to NewEgg, we now know what will be included with each bundle:

2K Power Pack Collection

  • The Darkness II
  • BioShock 2
  • Mafia II

2K Essentials Collection

  • BioShock
  • Borderlands
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown


As far as we can tell, they are just the standard editions of each game, rather than a Game of the Year Edition/Complete Edition, but at $10 per game, this is a good deal for anyone who hasn’t yet played through these titles.

For further information, we’ve reached out to 2K and we’ll let you know if we hear anything back.

Would you buy/recommend either of these collections? Let us know in the comments below.

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