Gundam Breaker (PS Vita) Hands-on preview (TGS)

Gundam Breaker is a frantic multiplayer action game formerly on PS3, now moving to PS Vita. I played it on a Vita 2000, and as expected, it didn’t wow me like the Vita’s first Gundam outing, Gundam SEED Battle Destiny.

The big feature here is the multiplayer. For me, SEED Battle Destiny‘s story and characters were the most interesting part (I like SEED; I am what I am), but Breaker is the opposite. I started by decking out my Gundam in all kinds of visual tweaks, to say nothing of the massive amount of weapon, shield, helmet, and armor switched available. You could seriously go into a match any one of a possible million different ways and fight the way you want to fight, in a Gundam you practically design from scratch.


I must have not put a high enough priority on speed and agility, because a bunch of smaller suits smoked my noob ass in the first battle. I gave myself a small bump in mobility but kept my overall scheme of POWER FIRST and charged back in. My team would emerge victorious in the second round. Combat was pretty straightforward and not a radical departure from other Gundam games. I had big sword swings for close range and some rockets to drop fools from a distance — pretty cool, if standard stuff.

Unfortunately, for Western Vita owners and Gundam fans, Gundam Breaker doesn’t have any announced release dates outside of Japan. Those who have dreamt of tearing into the battlefield with a Gundam they designed might have to import. Good thing the Vita is region free!