PlayStation Camera’s Facial Recognition Allows for Logging In at PS4 Launch

Last week, Sony officially confirmed that the PlayStation Camera for PS4 would support both facial and voice recognition, with Shuhei Yoshida even giving out very simple instructions on how you can start a game just by talking.

For a few more details about the PlayStation Camera, Engadget interviewed Masayasu Ito, SVP at SCE, who said, “At the time of launch, first the face recognition is for the purpose of logging in.” Then, you can use your voice at the game’s page to start it, but so far that’s all in terms of features.

Thankfully, they won’t just stop there, as Ito explained:

That’s as far as it goes, but continuous updates, it can go deeper. Make it with greater depth. With face recognition, we think about how that could be used in the context of the game.

What are some ways you’d like developers to utilize the PlayStation Camera? Let us know in the comments below.

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