Mark Cerny’s Role as Lead Architect on PlayStation Vita Officially Confirmed

Back when Mark Cerny was tortured with an interview involving our very own Sebastian Moss, he let it slip that “I had the same responsibilities with the PlayStation Vita as on the PS4,” suggesting that he was the Lead System Architect on the handheld.

When Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, was interviewed by Eurogamer at gamescom, he detailed Cerny’s role with the PlayStation Vita:

Yes, he worked on it. I don’t think we called him a chief system architect for the Vita, but he was heavily involved in the core development of the Vita.

They then caught up with Cerny himself during TGS where he confirmed his role as lead architect on the PlayStation Vita by simply saying, “yes” when questioned. After this, Mark was asked if the plan was always to have the PS4 and PS Vita be so heavily compatible with each other:

That was definitely always a goal, the question was how could we accomplish that? [It was stumbling upon the idea of] Remote Play when we realised we could use that to tie it all together and create a family-friendly strength for PlayStation 4. We had to.

Shuhei Yoshida and I ended up both pitching that feature on the same day. It was an amazing coincidence. We had both come to the same conclusions that the affinity for the two platforms to work together was so large that it just made sense.

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