PS4 Devs Explain PS4 UI Details; Usernames, PS Button Functions and More

The PS4 UI video from Eurogamer Expo you can see below made rounds around the Internet last night, and it prompted a few PS4 devs to answer some questions and provides some details about the PS4 UI on the NeoGAF forums. Both a user named KennyLinder and another named Tidux—said to be PS4 devs—gave the following details that have been broken down into easy to digest bullet points thanks to Reddit user IceBreak:

  • You can send friend requests via your real name or username.
  • Edit username shown in the video below is for your local name, and not for your PSN ID.
  • You can display both your username and real name at the same time.
  • You choose the first and last name. You do not have to use your real first and last name.
  • Leaderboards support both real names and usernames.
  • The UI can drop in and out of games fast like the PS Vita, runs in 1080p at 60fps, is “snappy as fuck” and “really neat to use”.
  • No word on customization with themes or other personalization.
  • Game pages play in-game music similar to what happens on the PS3 when you highlight the game icon on the XMB
  • The start up screen is a blue background with a PS4 logo appearing on the screen, which then prompts the login screen.
  • If you select “overview” on the UI menu, it opens up additional information about the game like trophies, videos, and more.
  • No Playroom app on the current PS4 SDK. No folders either.
  • Pressing the PS button brings up the menu, while holding it brings up a controller settings menu.
  • On the SDK, you can save videos and screenshots locally on the HDD, then move them to a USB drive.
  • PS4 records gameplay at 720P at 30fps, screenshots at 1080P. However, this could change with the final product.
  • The PS Store is integrated natively into the UI. There is no separate app for it.
  • You can use the PS4 Camera to stream a pictire in a picture of yourself where you can live comment on your “stream”.

And here is the video that led to this discussion, where you can see much of the UI in action:

What do you think of the PS4’s UI so far now that you’ve read the details and seen it in action? Let us know below.