Ask PSLS: What do you Think of the October 2013 PlayStation Plus Free Games in North America & Europe?

With a new month starting up, it means that we get to hear from Chandler, Jason and Sebastian about what they think of the new PlayStation Plus free games in North America and Europe, this time looking at October 2013:

North America

Chandler Wood – Optimist (@FinchStrife)

October is looking to be a great month for North American Plus subscribers. I’m excited for the mass amounts of play time that Kingdoms of Amalur has. While I already own Shadow of the Colossus HD, it’s a great addition for anyone that doesn’t have it yet, rounding out us getting ICO HD last month. I’m also pretty happy I finally get to play Poker Night 2 (even though Jason doesn’t think the best of it) and Hotline Miami. Sine Mora is probably the weakest addition of the bunch in my opinion, but every month has to have one I suppose.

Jason Dunning – Realist (@Jasonad21)

In my quest to be a little more subjective in these monthly Ask PSLS’, I’ll start off by saying that, when compared to North America, Europe has a better group of games on offer for the entire month. But when solely looking at North America, it’s a very good month we have ahead of us.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning goes free tomorrow and offers up a great RPG, Shadow of the Colossus HD completes the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection that was started last month with ICO (and SoTC is awesome), Hotline Miami is a game I was personally going to buy separately so it being offered free is perfect, and Sine Mora is a good ‘schmup. Really, the only downside to the offerings is Poker Night 2, which was plagued with bugs when I reviewed it earlier this year. If the Poker Night 2 issues are fixed though, this is a month of all winners.


Sebastian Moss – Pessimist (@Sebmoss)

I’m already really used to touching my Katamari when I’m bored, am filled with twisted dreams, have Far Cry 3 along with most of the western world, the Vita version of Street Fighter x Tekken is the worst version out there, but I guess Dragon’s Dogma is okay. So not the worst update ever, but far from exciting.

What do you think of the October 2013 PlayStation Plus free games in your region? Let us know in the comments below.