Sony on a PS4/PS Vita Bundle: We Could Probably Change Our Mind and Have it Ready for Launch, “It’s not a Hard Thing to do”

Fergal Gara, the VP & Managing Director at SCE UK and Ireland, previously said at EGX about a possible PS4/PS Vita bundle, “At the moment we’re not thinking about a one-box solution. If we wanted to, it would be an easy thing to do, but we’re not right now.”

Well, he was interviewed by OPM at EGX, revealing how a “couple of things have evolved” since his pre-EGX comments in regards to a PS4/PS Vita bundle where he wouldn’t confirm it one way or another:

I think that clearly demonstrating what the two machines do when they come together was a big step and I think Gamescom was a key moment for that.

Seeing the consumer reaction and actually an upsurge in Vita sales immediately following that demo was very encouraging to see. So there is interest in the mechanic. Right now, as I sit here today, we’re not producing a box that fits a PS4 and PS Vita in that one box. We we could probably change our mind in the morning and still have it ready for launch to be honest, so it’s not a big decision. It’s not a hard thing to do.

Gara finished up by saying, “We’re still in the planning phase so it’s not a yes, its not a no. And the option is still there to pick up the two of them [separately]. We’ll make it happen in the ways that are best for our retail partners really and we’ll work with them. The concept is becoming more real by the week.”

So, Sony still hasn’t confirmed a bundle that sees the PS4 and PS Vita inside the same box, but it does sound like they’re working on an offer where you can buy them separately and save some money.

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