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SCE UK Boss Fergal Gara Resigns to “Pursue a New Professional Venture”

“We are extremely grateful for his dedication and for the legacy that he leaves.”

Bloodborne Sales Surprised Sony, Says Fergal Gara

Sony wants to reach out to younger people.

No Man’s Sky Will Have the “Full Weight of PlayStation Behind It”

Retail release possible.

PlayStation UK Boss Isn’t Concerned About the PS4’s Holiday 2015 Software Line-Up

No Man’s Sky and Tearaway are the start of what’s on the table.

PS4 Sales Pass 2 Million in the UK, Does it Faster Than the PS2

It’s also the #1 selling console of 2015.

Sony Doesn’t Want to See the £19.94 20th Anniversary PS4s Being Sold on eBay

“That’s not what we want to see happen.”

“Street Fighter’s Natural Home is on PlayStation,” Says Sony UK Chief

That makes sense.

PS4 20th Anniversary Console Sells Out at £19.94, More Going on Sale Next Week in the UK for £399

Sony says there’s “no plans” to make more than the 12,300 special PS4s.

Sony on DriveClub Issues: Evolution is “As Embarrassed As We Are”

“The game is pretty near-complete now.”

Sony UK VP Fergal Gara Thinks Delaying Games is “The Right Call”

He makes a lot of sense…

Sony: PS Vita Isn’t Fading Away, Minecraft is Its “Biggest” 2014 Release

Vita sales are seeing year-on-year growth.

Sony Attributes Some of the PS4 Success to Wii U Performance

The “more casual and family audience has gravitated towards our platform” in Europe.

Sony: Internally We’re Treating Destiny “As if It’s a First-Party Release”

Gara says PS4 is still outselling Xbox One by a margin of 1.5:1.

PS4 UK Sales Pass One Million, is the 2nd Fastest-Selling Console of All-Time

The PS3 took 46 weeks to reach 1 million.

Sony Claims PS4 Stock Issues in Europe May Have Led to Lost Sales

The PS4 is still “selling very well.”

Sony UK MD: PS4 Stock Issues Should be Alleviated “By About April”

Though it could be a little earlier than that, or a little later.

Gara: PlayStation Vita UK Sales Increased 163% Following PS4 Launch, In Large Part Thanks to Remote Play

Gara doesn’t believe the Vita has mass-market potential.

Sony: “We Don’t Think the Vita’s Going to Sell as Well as PSP,” Unless There’s a Pleasant Surprise

“More and more announcements” for the Vita teased.

Sony UK MD: PS4 is Outselling the Xbox One 1.5:1, Xbox 360 Outselling the PS3 1.51:1

You may have won last round, Xbox, but we’re winning this round!

Sony on the PlayStation Vita: “Higher Sales Would Have Been What we Had Hoped For”; Digital Only Future Possible

Physical PS Vita sales are still higher than digital.