“Street Fighter’s Natural Home is on PlayStation,” Says Sony UK Chief

Sony’s UK PlayStation chief Fergal Gara spoke with IGN recently about Street Fighter V‘s PS4 console exclusivity, and mentioned that it actually makes a lot of sense. He explained that PlayStation and Street Fighter have a long history together, so the exclusivity is only natural and should be celebrated.

I wasn’t involved, so how it came about I can’t comment on, but I think it’s another fantastic example of how our heritage provides some fantastic opportunities not just to reminisce but to look forward as well.

Obviously it’s a classic from earlier PlayStation days, but now it’s being reintroduced for the PS4 era. It was a huge hit on PlayStation, so I guess you could say Street Fighter’s natural home is on PlayStation. Now, I’m delighted that’s going to happen again in this cycle.

Do you agree with the decision to make Street Fighter V a PS4 console exclusive title? What do you think of Gara’s comments?

[Source: IGN]