Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. Trailer Reveals Series Newcomer

Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. Trailer Reveals Series Newcomer

Rashid only just made it to Street Fighter 6, but Capcom is already teasing the next DLC fighter. The team showed off the Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. trailer, revealing her 3D render for the first time.

The Street Fighter 6 A.K.I. trailer seems to be from World Tour

This trailer wasn’t a typical gameplay trailer, as it featured what appears to be her intro scene in World Tour. It showed her messing with the player character by force-feeding them poison and getting into their mind, all while acting a little like Harley Quinn by giggling and making off-kilter remarks. With her affinity for poison and acronym name, it’s likely she has at least some ties to F.A.N.G., who made his debut in Street Fighter 5.

It’s unclear when gameplay for A.K.I. will drop since she’s not scheduled make her Street Fighter debut until sometime in the fall. Capcom also didn’t show much of Rashid until around two weeks before his release. She’s also only the second of four DLC characters announced, as Ed and Akuma are scheduled for winter 2024 and spring 2024, respectively.

A.K.I. wasn’t the only Street Fighter 6 news to come out of Evo. Capcom revealed a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover that’s slated for August 8.