Sony: Internally We’re Treating Destiny “As if It’s a First-Party Release”

Because Sony and Activision’s deal prevents Microsoft from marketing Destiny on Xbox platforms (that didn’t stop them though), most people may think it’s actually a PlayStation-exclusive title. In fact, that’s exactly how Sony sees Destiny – as a first-party title.

Fresh off confirming that the PlayStation 4 crossed 1 million units sold, Sony UK MD Fergal Gara spoke with Eurogamer, where he revealed the news that they believe Destiny is a first-party release:

We’re treating it, for all intents and purposes internally, as if it’s a first-party release. We’re wrapping our arms around it on all levels of the organization. It’s a special project and an important project and it has the power to launch Christmas. It’s hugely important.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gara said he thinks this will be the biggest week of sales for the PS4 since December 2013, adding, “I see it as the launch pad for the whole festive season. It comes nice and early in the season. People will go out and get a new console and then they’ll want more games to play on it. It really does kickstart the market for ourselves, retailers and publishers alike.”

Back in January, Gara revealed that the PS4 was outselling the Xbox One by a margin of 1.5:1 in the UK, and in that recent interview with Eurogamer, he confirmed the number is the same, meaning the Xbox One has sold roughly 666,666 units. Eurogamer adds that Xbox One sales have nearly matches the PS4’s in recent weeks, so the number could be higher.

In the coming months, Gara thinks the Xbox One will offer up some strong competition to the PS4:

I think it’ll be competitive. I have every respect for the team at Xbox, and we know they’re going to give us a strong run for our money. But we’re delighted to be in a strong position and have every determination to do the very best by PlayStation gamers and bring loads more of them on board.

Do you treat Destiny as a first-party title?

[Source: Eurogamer]