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Destiny 2, a First-party PlayStation Game, Gets a New Xbox Theme

A new Destiny 2 Xbox Dynamic Background is now available. This is despite the game being a first-party PlayStation title following Sony’s acquisition of Bungie.

No Destiny 2 Theme for PS5 players

The existence of a new Destiny 2 Xbox theme once again highlights the lack of Themes on PS5. Despite owners of the new-gen PlayStation 5 console clearly wanting Themes to return, Sony hasn’t implemented them in the 27 months since the console’s release.

The new Xbox theme is designed around the newly-released Lightfall expansion, giving players a way to bring the in-game aesthetic to the Xbox Dashboard.

The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted out a clip of the new Destiny 2 Lightfall theme for Xbox:

There is still no word on when PS5 owners can expect Themes to come to the platform. For now, all users are stuck with the same user interface, with no way meaningful way to customize it.

Hopefully Sony is working behind the scenes to bring Themes to the PS5 sooner rather than later, to get it up to the same level of customization that was available on the last-gen PS4.

Though there isn’t a PS5 theme available, the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion is now available to download and play. Here are the patch notes for the update.