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Destiny 3 bungie activision split

Destiny 3 Needs to Happen More Than Ever After the Bungie Activision Split

Now Bungie can create a game that’s purely theirs.

anthem game development

BioWare Producer Says Anthem Was in Development Before Destiny Was Released

Might Anthem be learning from Destiny’s mistakes?

activision blizzard investigation

Law Firm Pomerantz LLP Investigating Activision Blizzard Employees for Securities Fraud

Investors are unhappy.

activision bungie split

Activision Blizzard Stock Fell Following Bungie Split, Analysts Believe the Decision Is for the Best

Both companies have a different vision.

Bungie Activision split bungie publishing destiny

Bungie and Activision Split Up, Full Publishing Rights of the Destiny Franchise Going to Bungie

It wasn’t unexpected. After all, it’s Destiny.

Destiny 2’s Bergusia Forge Has Been Opened After Players Flunk the Niobe Labs Puzzles

Bungie assumed that more of you would have your Elvish-to-Klingon ciphers handy.

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs

Destiny 2’s Niobe Labs Should Have Been a Secret, Not a Content Gate (Update)

The puzzle itself is good, but the way it roadblocked content was not.

Destiny 2 the last word exotic quest the draw

Bungie Promises the Quest for Destiny 2 The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon Can be Completed ‘At Your Own Pace’

Once the quest unlocks on January 29, the gun can be yours.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Review 1

Destiny 2’s Black Armory Isn’t Perfect, But It Still Has Its Hooks in Me

Forging a better online shooter MMO.

destiny 2 forsaken revenue

SuperData: Destiny 2 Revenue Back Down to Pre-Forsaken Numbers

Does Destiny 2 need a Christmas miracle?

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best Shooter

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Shooter Winner

Get behind the gun.

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best DLC Expansion

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best DLC/Expansion Winner

How did games get expanded this year?

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best ongoing Game

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Ongoing Game Winner

What were the best games from 2018 that didn’t release this year?

PSLS Game of the Year Awards 2018 Best multiplayer

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Game of the Year 2018 Awards – Best Multiplayer Winner

Play with your friends! Which multiplayer experience is best?

destiny 2 the dawning

Destiny 2 Players can Bake Cookies in the Tower in This Year’s The Dawning Event

Take a break from murder and loot to spread some holiday cheer.

Destiny 2 update patch notes

Black Armory Launches With Destiny 2 Update, Includes New Content and Multiple Quality of Life Fixes

You can now reset Raid checkpoints when launching the activity.

Destiny 2 black armory annual pass

Here’s What’s Coming Next Week in Black Armory and the Next Nine Months of Destiny 2

Bungie is moving away from a boxed product in favor of an evolving world.

Destiny 2 update 2.1.0

Prepare for Black Armory with Destiny 2 Update 2.1.0, New Triumphs, Gear, and Balance Changes

Launches the Season of the Forge.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Raid

Destiny 2: Black Armory’s Raid Will Be ‘Much Larger’ Than a Raid Lair, Smaller Than Last Wish

The new Raid will send players deep into the ruins of the Last City.

Destiny raids

‘We Learned a Lot From That Raid,’ What Crota’s End Taught Bungie About Destiny Raid Design

“Don’t expect players to do the mechanic unless it’s absolutely compulsory.”