Sony on DriveClub Issues: Evolution is “As Embarrassed As We Are”

Already this month for DriveClub, we’ve learned we won’t hear about the PlayStation Plus Edition until there’s a release date, there’s still a lot of work to do before the PS+ Edition can be launched, the much-anticipated weather update came to DriveClub, and Jim Ryan said the poor launch of DriveClub didn’t damage their reputation.

Earlier today, PlayStation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara sat down with IGN to further discuss DriveClub, where he admitted the server problems are a “disappointment.”

Addressing Sony’s use of the 4ThePlayers campaign slogan to promote the PlayStation 4 while DriveClub is undergoing these issues, Gara talked about how both Sony and Evolution are embarrassed over the launch:

When you lay your soul out as being ‘4ThePlayers’, then what you certainly don’t want is games that are not fully ready. It certainly wasn’t any ill-intention on behalf of the team. It’s ambitious as a game. They’re as embarrassed as we are and all you can do in those situations is say sorry.

Gara then said they are “doing our damndest to make things right” and “the game is pretty near-complete now.”

Similar to what Evolution has said many times, the launch of the DriveClub PS+ Edition is on hold until “we’re confident the servers can take the load,” but Gara says getting it out is the next step.

As for whether or not Sony should have delayed DriveClub in the first place to make sure the launch was smoother, Gara explained:

[Delays] are always frustrating, and it’s certainly never our intention to sell a false promise. You work with the best information available at the time. It’s the right decision to delay but, of course, to delay and then have issues is certainly not ideal, but it’s better than releasing a broken game.

Gara continued by saying he believes year two is when we’ll the games that “start to define the whole generation. The best is yet to come on PS4.”

[Source: IGN]