Driveclub Is the Most Played Racing Game on PS4

This may be bittersweet news for some, as data revealed that Driveclub is the most popular racing game—or at least the most played racing game—on the PlayStation 4. This is based off of trophy data from My PS4 Life, which we’ve seen is not always 100% accurate. Even granting a small margin of error, it’s safe to assume that there are over 10 million Driveclub players out there, compared to the roughly 6.6 million Gran Turismo Sport players.

In addition to the “give-or-take” nature of this trophy data, it’s also important to keep in mind that for a few months, Driveclub released a parred down, free version exclusive to PlayStation Plus members. While you still had to dish out an upgrade fee to unlock the full game, the limited-time free version did unlock trophies, which contributed to this player-count data.

The news may be considered bittersweet, because Driveclub is without a doubt one of the best racing game experiences of the generation, and we’re never going to see a sequel. We’ll never ever see a PlayStation 4 Pro patch. Sony shut down Driveclub developer Evolution Studios in 2016. The game was initially delayed, and then launched with missing features and glaring issues. Over the following year, it evolved (pun absolutely intended) into one of most beautiful and engaging racing games of the generation.

If you’ve never played Driveclub, check it out, because it absolutely holds up. If you’d like to see what some of the Evolution Studios folks have been up to after the studio closure, check out our review of OnRush!

[Source: GTPlanet]