Simple Math and Trophy Counts Might Determine Number of Users for PS4 Games

With the recent release of My PS4 Life, Sony has allowed users to recap their PS4 careers in a nifty little video. By signing in, you’re able to see what games you’ve played the most, how many hours you’ve spent playing, trophy count, and more, all in a quick video. The videos show how many users have achieved a trophy and if you take that number and combine it with the percentage of users who have obtained the trophy, you can get an estimate at the number of PS4 users per game.

Reddit user Gamestat gave an example using Fallout 76. If you look at the “Photo Bomber” trophy, you can see that 33,764 players have earned it, which amounts to 8.3% of its users. By dividing 33,764 by .083, you get 406,795, a number that represents the amount of Fallout 76 players. It’s best to use the trophy with the highest percentage to get the most accurate results.

Via, you can find hundreds of titles with their estimated number of PS4 users using the above method. Keep in mind, there are some limitations to this, as a player must have earned a trophy in said game in order to be tracked. Likewise, a player must be connected to the internet so the trophies can sync to the server. It’s also worth noting that these numbers only depict stats for a specific region and will not show global stats. Also, a user’s privacy settings can influence the gathering of data.

Some of the PS4 games with the highest number of users are as follows:

While this method may not be 100% fool-proof, it does show a close estimate at the number of PS4 users per game. Sony has not released a response to this, but we will keep you updated if anything changes.

[Source: IGN via Reddit]