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The E3 2018 No Shows: Where Were These Games?

We all had our predictions for what would be announced at E3, but there were also plenty of games we thought should be there no matter what. I mean, if a game is coming out this year, or even early 2019, why wouldn’t it be at E3? Microsoft’s press conference was pretty much all 2019, all the time.

And of course, there were a couple we knew wouldn’t be there, and yet hoped they would anyway. Nothing wrong with hope, right?

Major wishes aside—such as Cameron’s hope for a Suikoden VI announcement—we tabulated what we thought would be present at the show in some form or fashion. Obviously they were not, because otherwise, they wouldn’t be on this list.

Did we miss any E3 no-shows you thought would be at the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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