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Rumor: Open World Superman Game Coming From Rocksteady

We’ve wondered a lot about the future of Rocksteady games and where they will go next, but if a supposed leak from 4chan is to be believed, then it looks like a Superman game is currently in the works.

An anonymous poster/tipster on the forum supplied concept art for Superman, insisting it was from Rocksteady. It will reportedly take place in the Arkhamverse and be “3 times the size of Arkham Knight” as far as the open world goes. The full post is below:

– Made by Rocksteady

– Unreal Engine 4

– Big open world Metropolis(about 3 times the size of Arkham Knight with a lot more buildings)

– Can’t play as Clark Kent

– Main villain is Brainiac

– Nerfed Superman (TAS Levels)

– Semi-destructible environments(think AK, no buildings are falling over)

– Combat system integrates the flying (kind of like DBZ, you can punch someone then zoom towards them and repeat)

– Set within the Arkhamverse

– Tons of easter eggs to Superman’s lore, and some to the events that took place in the Batman Arkham Franchise

Rocksteady and WB Montreal are also working on a joint multiplayer game (Hence the multiplayer hirings on Rocksteady’s site). This is for a planned Justice League game down the road. They had to nail Superman first. Announcement should be incoming about a couple weeks before E3. (One of those “see more/gameplay at E3 type of reveals)

On one level, none of it appears to be believable, but on the other hand, it does seem like something Rocksteady could do.

Rocksteady Superman Game
The reported leaked concept art

Do you believe it? Would you want it to be true? Surely it couldn’t be worse than Superman 64, could it?

[Source: 4chan]