Rocksteady’s New Game Title Confirmed as Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

A handful of domain names outed cursory details about Rocksteady’s new game earlier this summer. One domain name included the title, “Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.” A report later claimed this particular title counted as a contender for the game’s name. Though Rocksteady has since confirmed it’s working on a Suicide Squad project, the team remains silent about specifics. The schedule for next week’s DC FanDome event has made it official, though. The Batman: Arkham studio’s next game is indeed Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

DC FanDome’s schedule went live earlier this morning, unveiling a wide variety of panel times for the upcoming fan event. Situated in the “Hall of Heroes” tab are details about Rocksteady’s panel, also titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Will Arnett, Batman in the LEGO movies, will host the discussion, which begins on August 22nd at 7:00pm CST. Fans can expect Rocksteady’s panel to showcase the new game during its 20-minute runtime.

See a screenshot of the panel listing below:

rocksteady new game

Apart from the title and Superman art featured above, nothing is known about the project in question. According to a Eurogamer report, it’s possible Rocksteady will show off “very little” during DC FanDome. The report further claims the game is next-gen and far from launch.

WB Games has another DC project up its sleeve in the form of WB Games Montréal’s apparent Batman adventure. The studio will unveil its work-in-progress at DC FanDome on August 22nd at 12:30pm CST. Years of rumors and teases suggest the Montréal team is developing a project that centers on the Court of Owls.

[Source: DC FanDome via DualShockers]