wb games montreal announcement

DC FanDome Schedule Confirms WB Games Montreal Reveal on August 22nd

In June, DC announced DC FanDome, a free virtual event for fans to hear news updates and interact with creators. In addition to comics, movies, and TV-related content, WB Games was confirmed to take part as well. Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game is scheduled to receive a tease. Now it’s clear that WB Games Montréal’s long-rumored project will appear, too. On August 22nd at 12:30pm CST, WB Games Montréal will finally lift the veil on its new game. A 20-minute Rocksteady panel is slated for the same day at 7:00pm CST.

This exciting detail comes courtesy of the recently revealed DC FanDome schedule. According to the schedule’s “Hall of Heroes” section, the WB Games Montréal announcement is pencilled in for the aforementioned time. See screenshots of the schedule below:

wb games montreal announcement

WB Games Montreal Announcement

As you can see in the second screenshot, the reveal will feature the announcement itself and a 20-minute Q&A with developers. Further details about who will appear on the panel and whether or not footage will be shown presently remains to be seen.

Concrete information about WB Games Montréal’s project has been in the wind for years. The team reportedly began development on a project starring Batman’s son, Damian Wayne. However, it landed on the cutting room floor partway through production. The most popular bit of speculation about the studio’s current project is that it’s hard at work on another Batman entry that will prominently feature the Court of Owls. This secret society is embedded so deep within Gotham’s history that even Batman was unaware of their existence for years.

Other rumors suggest the game is a Batman: Arkham reboot that will launch this fall. Whatever it is, we’ll know for sure in about a week.

[Source: DC FanDome via Batman-News]