RUMOR: WB Montréal’s Upcoming Batman Game is a Soft Reboot, Launching This Fall

A new rumor seems to suggest that WB Games Montréal’s new game will indeed star Batman, but it might be a little different than you were expecting. Anonymous sources allegedly told Geeks WorldWide the new game will serve as a “soft reboot” of the Arkham series, supposedly releasing this fall. Those sources also seem to think the upcoming Batman game will include a playable “Batfamily,” as well as implementation of cooperative play and the long-teased Court of Owls, all of which support previous rumors and speculation that have surrounded the mysterious game. This Batman game is said to kick off a DC Game Universe, with a Superman game in the works by a separate WB team, as well as whatever Rocksteady is working on. Again, none of this has been confirmed and the sources are unsubstantiated, so treat everything as a rumor for now.

WB Games Montréal has been teasing something Batman-related for some time now, leading to lots of speculation as to what the new project could be. A recent tease led to fans piecing together images of a puzzle that seemed to resemble a Gotham City Police Department emblem, which itself is a piece of a larger puzzle of emblems that is still incomplete. Only the supposed GCPD symbol and a Court of Owls sysmbol have been unveiled so far as fans continue to wait for the next inevitable tease.

The developer should not be confused with Rocksteady, the team behind the core trilogy of Batman: Arkham games including Arkham Aylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight. WB Games Montréal is best known for its work on the prequel adventure known as Arkham: Origins, which is often disregarded and forgotten as part of the mainline games in the Arkham series, with many considering it a clone of Arkham City. The team also worked on various pieces of Arkham Knight DLC alongside Rocksteady but hasn’t released a full console game since Origins in 2013.

While it’s all but confirmed the team’s next game will feature the Caped Crusader, its details are still uncertain. With all of the rumors and speculation flying around, these latest reports come from unconfirmed anonymous sources, so it’s best to take the information with a grain of salt.

[Source: Geeks WorldWide]

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