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Rumor: Batman: Arkham Legacy Reportedly WB’s Next Batman Title, Starring the Bat-Family

The Batman rumor mill is churning again. This time, the speculation involves a title and minimal details. Reportedly, WB’s next interactive Batman adventure could be Batman: Arkham Legacy. Should this information prove true, players will take on the role of multiple members of the Bat-family. Interestingly, these tidbits come courtesy of Twitter user @New_WabiSabi, a leaker who’s known for being right about a number of things, particularly in the Nintendo community.

Sabi shared the leaked details in the following post on Twitter:

Of particular interest is the Arkham Legacy title. Reportedly, the canceled Damian Wayne-starring game had a similar name. Speculation led many fans to believe it would loosely adopt the Battle for the Cowl arc, where some Bat-family members war over who should take on the Batman mantle after Batman’s death. This would be interesting, sure, especially given the events of Arkham Knight. However, this old speculation about Arkham Legacy doesn’t jive with recent Court of Owls rumors.

Might WB Games Montréal’s supposed Court of Owls project have adopted the Arkham Legacy title? It’s possible. The Bat-family’s taking on the Court after Arkham Knight wouldn’t be too far-fetched. Still, barring teases from Court of Owls creator Scott Snyder and WB Games Montréal, this is all a massive bundle of hearsay, none of which has been substantiated. As such, until WB spills the details itself, everything about the future of Batman games is worth taking with a grain of salt.

[Source: Sabi on Twitter via PC Gamer]