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Artwork from the Canceled Batman: Arkham Knight Follow-Up Allegedly Leaked Online

Years ago, reports surfaced that Batman: Arkham Origins studio WB Games Montreal canceled development on a direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight. In this reportedly canceled title, Bruce Wayne’s son, Damian, was set to star as the Bat’s successor, protecting the streets of Gotham. Barring this very basic premise, there exists no further details about the game that could’ve been. However, an alleged leak of concept art from the title has surfaced online, supposedly showcasing some of WB Games Montreal’s design plans.

The leaked artwork initially appeared on 4chan in a post from an anonymous user. Of course, anyone can post such information online and back it with claims that sound halfway decent. And, indeed, there is no way of discerning the artwork’s veracity with regards to their WB Games Montreal connection. However, at the very least, the alleged concept images do appear authentic, as though each piece could fit within the framework that shapes the world of Arkham. Yet, fan art is known to fool even a work’s original artist. As such, take everything you see with a grain of salt.

Below are just a couple of pieces that emerged from the canceled Arkham Knight sequel’s alleged leak of concept art.

batman arkham concept artbatman arkham concept art

The above concept pictures depict an older Harvey Dent/Two Face and Gotham late at night, with the Wayne building nearly in ruins. Other images from the alleged collection of concept work, all featured on Imgur, show off Poison Ivy ditching her classic look, Gorilla Grodd, a female Black Mask, and another image of Gotham at night. Near the bottom of the latter image appears to be either Batman or a Robin barreling down the street on a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, regardless of whether this art is legitimate, it is unlikely to ever appear in any official capacity, considering the game’s cancelation years ago. But we may one day find ourselves jumping across the rooftops of Gotham again. WB Games Montreal hasn’t announced its next project just yet, but speculation suggests they may have their hands busy with a Court of Owls-centric narrative.

[Source via GamesRadar]