WB Games Montréal Unleashes Another Possible Batman Tease; Fans Already Putting Pieces Together

For well over a year, WB Games Montréal has shared cryptic teases on social media, hinting at its next project. All signs point to the team’s developing a new Batman title, one that will supposedly center on the Court of Owls. Well, now another piece to the puzzle has been put into play. Interestingly, it appears as though fans have already begun to make sense of it.

On the studio’s official Facebook page, the following image was posted this morning with the “Capture the Knight” caption in French and English:

wb games montreal tease

Fans in the post’s comment section were quick to note that it’s a piece of an image connected to previously shared teaser photos featuring the same captions. One fan in particular put them all together and came up with the emblem below:

wb games montreal tease

This image looks akin to a coat of arms, something likely associated with a police force or justice department. For now, there are no other indicators as to what this may mean for WB Games Montréal’s next project, specifically. However, reason suggests it’s probably the Gotham City Police Department emblem if indeed the studio’s next game is a Batman adventure. It’s worth noting that this logo doesn’t appear to bear any special resemblance to recent GCPD iconography in depictions such as Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, the Arkham series, or Fox’s Gotham show.

The latest rumor circulating about the Arkham Origins studio’s new project claims it will star the Bat-family. Allegedly titled Batman: Arkham Legacy, the game has sparked years’ worth of speculation, which ventures as far back as 2016’s Suicide Squad report. Hopefully, the guessing game can soon come to a finite end.

[Source: WB Games Montréal on Facebook via Wario64 on Twitter]