Report: Suicide Squad Game Cancelled By Warner Bros Montreal

According to Kotaku sources, Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s unannounced Suicide Squad game has been cancelled, and the studio is now putting their effort into an unannounced Batman game with Damian Wayne as the lead.

Hearing the news from three people familiar with WB Montreal, Kotaku writes that the Suicide Squad game was cancelled earlier this month, following two years of development and a “long period of turbulence.” It looks like it was going to be a co-op brawler, but when shown during greenlight meetings, Warner Bros. was reportedly unimpressed.

With the cancellation of Suicide Squad, WB Montreal (Batman: Arkham Origins) will now focus on the Damian Wayne Batman game, which has been rumored for months. According to those previous reports, the Damian Wayne title was greenlit in summer 2015, it’s set 10 years in the future, Gotham will be bigger and more populated, Damian has a Batbike, and some of the villains include Flamingo, Poison Ivy, Black Mask, and White Rabbit. Bruce is in the game and acts as a mentor, but he’s old and uses a walking stick.

Warner Bros. hasn’t returned Kotaku’s request for comment.

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