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DC FanDome’s Free Virtual Event in August Will Feature WB Games Announcements

In the wake of event cancellations across multiple industries, DC Entertainment has announced plans to host a DC FanDome digital experience this summer. Touted as a “mega, 24-hour, immersive virtual fan experience,” DC FanDome will offer fans free access to talent gatherings, announcements, and content reveals on August 22nd. Naturally, the publisher will have news related to comics, films, and its various TV series to showcase. However, fans of WB Games are apparently in for quite the treat, too.

A press release via DC Comics’ official website notes that the event on August 22nd will unleash “new announcements from WB Games.” As of writing, there’s no word on what these announcements may entail. The wait for WB Games Montréal’s long-rumored Batman title counts as one major possibility, though. Arguably, the same holds true for whatever Rocksteady has been hard at work on for the last several years.

Speculation concerning an RPG based in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter suggests WB Games may soon be ready to unveil something in this regard, too. And, who knows, other WB Games teams such as NetherRealm Studios and TT Games could have a surprise or two up their sleeves, as well.

Rumor has it that WB Games intended to host its own E3 conference this year. If true, the event’s cancellation undoubtedly threw a wrench in the publisher’s plans. It seems DC FanDome will provide WB with another opportunity to showcase projects from its interactive division, but it’s not clear if the DC FanDome event would only showcase DC comics games such as Batman.

Interestingly, last week ended on another intriguing piece of WB Games news. According to a report from CNBC, WB parent company AT&T aims to sell WB’s gaming division. Nothing is confirmed as of yet—and it’s unknown how this sale would impact licensed properties—but should such a move take place, it will prove quite the game changer.

[Source: DC]