Rumor: WB to Unveil WB Games Montréal’s Batman Game This Summer

The rumor mill has churned an exhausting number of times with regards to WB Games Montréal’s long-teased Batman game. Such rumors may soon come to an end, though… if a new bit of speculation is to be believed. Reportedly, Warner Bros. plans to finally unveil the title sometime this summer. Even more interesting is that the publisher will supposedly release the new Batman entry sooner than anticipated.

These unsubstantiated details come by way of Game Reactor, which claims to have insight about a few “secret summer games.” Evidently, one such project is WB Games Montréal’s new adventure starring the Caped Crusader. Game Reactor notes that WB originally intended to announce the project during its first E3 press conference this year. Of course, such plans were axed due to coronavirus.

Since talk of WB’s cancelled E3 2020 plans have been in the wild for some time, it’s possible the website is simply making an educated guess. Either way, according to Game Reactor: “The plan is apparently still to show us the game within the next couple of months, and I doubt the pandemic and/or Black Lives Matter movement will change that, as the game is slated to release sooner than you might think.” Again, these claims remain unsubstantiated and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Much has been said of the Montréal team’s project; it seems we know too much but not enough all at once. The most commonly accepted detail concerns the Court of Owls’ participation in the new title’s narrative. Since late 2018, the studio has teased the Court’s involvement. Court of Owls creator Scott Snyder incidentally shared a similar tease last year amid speculation of a surprise reveal that never occurred. A more recent rumor alleges Batman’s next interactive adventure will serve as a reboot for the Arkham series. Hopefully, WB will soon showcase something official.

[Source: Game Reactor]