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Report: WB Planned to Unveil Batman and Harry Potter Games, Along With Rocksteady’s Title at Now-Cancelled E3

It’s now official. This year’s E3 has been cancelled outright by the ESA. Though such an announcement has loomed over the industry for several weeks, it’s still considered quite the shock. Just as surprising is the supposed news that was set to come out of the summer event. Reportedly, WB specifically had big E3 2020 plans in place. Said plans reportedly involved the long-rumored Batman title, a new Harry Potter game, and Rocksteady’s incredibly secret project.

In a report concerning E3’s cancellation, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier shares word of WB’s intentions for E3 2020. According to three sources familiar with the publisher’s operations, WB was slated to hold its first E3 press conference. During the event, the publisher would’ve revealed a new Batman game, likely from WB Games Montréal, the Harry Potter title that leaked in 2018, as well as Rocksteady’s secretive next project. Schreier’s report notes there’s presently no word on how WB intends to shift things now that this year’s E3 is out of the equation.

Batman-related rumors have circulated nonstop for the last few years. The most recent bout of speculation claims WB Montréal’s next go at the franchise will serve as a soft reboot of sorts. Other prominent rumors suggest it will star the Bat-family and/or feature the Scott Snyder-created Court of Owls.

With regards to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, rumors concerning a game from that franchise have also been in the wind for quite some time. As previously noted, leaked footage from a Harry Potter RPG hit the web in fall 2018. Apart from the footage’s resurfacing every so often, very little has emerged about it since then.

Rocksteady rumors were synonymous with E3 during the last handful of years, with the studio preemptively confirming it wouldn’t appear at the 2019 event. Schreier’s report suggests such speculation would’ve finally been rewarded. It further hints that Rocksteady is now ready to talk shop. After a host of Superman claims and more recent hints at a DC Outlaws title, at least the studio is close to revealing something. Though, it’s now unclear when and how exactly that reveal will hit the airwaves.

[Source: Kotaku]