Skywalker Saga-Esque Lego Harry Potter Reportedly Leaked

Skywalker Saga-Esque Lego Harry Potter Reportedly Leaks Online Again

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga was a big hit in 2022, and it seems like TT Games is trying to emulate that formula with Harry Potter. A Lego Harry Potter collection spanning the whole saga was reportedly leaked again before being quickly pulled down.

This Lego Harry Potter game is allegedly going to be revealed soon

According to Video Games Chronicle, someone sent the outlet a picture of a now-deleted Instagram post teasing the game. It appears as though Warner Bros South Africa prematurely put up a post pointing to August 25, 2023, a date that falls during Gamescom, the big European gaming convention. TT Games, the studio behind many of the most notable Lego games, is also based in the United Kingdom.

The post apparently also had TT Games’ logo on it. Another one of VGC’s sources confirmed that it was still in development, but couldn’t confirm if that ad was real or not.

A Lego Harry Potter game was rumored back in February 2022 alongside a swath of other Lego titles like the game that would become Lego 2K Drive. A report from March also spoke of the big Lego Harry Potter game and alleged that it was sucking away resources from other TT Games projects like Lego Batman 4 and the Skywalker Saga’s unannounced Mandalorian DLC. This report also came with news that TT Games had allegedly canceled a Guardians of the Galaxy title, a Disney game, a shooter filled with Warner Bros. IP, and a mobile port of Lego Worlds.

There have been other Lego Harry Potter games in the past, like Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 and Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7, which were remastered and bundled together for Lego Harry Potter Collection. This echoes the Lego Star Wars games, as many of them were developed as individual games or bundles and compiled together before being smashed into one package, expanded upon, and reinvented for Skywalker Saga.