Warner Bros. Will Reportedly Unveil Outlaws DC Comics Game Very Soon

The rumor mill is turning once more, as far as a new DC Comics-related game is concerned. This time, there appears to be a little more meat on the bone. Reportedly, Warner Bros. plans to reveal a new DC game called Outlaws on April 26, 2019. According to rumors that have found their way on ResetEra, the news will receive a formal announcement on social media at 12 pm PT on the aforementioned date. Apparently, Outlaws will be a live service title in the vein of Destiny, with heroes and villains from DC canon, such as Green Arrow and Ra’s al Ghul, taking part.

Reports about the title and reveal date recently surfaced on Twitter, courtesy of the following post:

It’s worth noting that there currently exists no confirmation of Rocksteady‘s involvement in Outlaws. If the Batman Arkham studio is indeed behind this new project, some fans my find the news upsetting. Allegedly, Outlaws screams MMO-inspired project with features such as loot grinding and co-op resting at its core.

Admittedly, there’s plenty to unpack here. For one, the image in the tweet above obviously features Gotham City, since Wayne Enterprises seems the focal point. Curiously, this famous landmark appears to bear the Wayne logo featured in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. It certainly does not resemble the one on display in Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham franchise.

Gotham will not be the only famous DC locale that appears in Outlaws, either. Reportedly, players will also venture into the hometown of the Green Arrow, Star City. Other notable destinations in DC lore, like Central City and Metropolis, have not garnered mention.

The title of the game itself also warrants attention. Fans of DC’s recent continuity reboots, New 52 and Rebirth, may recognize Outlaws as a possible reference to Red Hood and the Outlaws. The series puts Batman’s former protégé Red Hood at the helm of a team of misfits, including Arsenal, Bizarro, Artemis (the Amazonian), and others. Whether or not the new game will take any pointers from the still ongoing comic series remains to be seen.

Rumors about the next DC game have been swirling for years. For a time, Suicide Squad from WB Montreal seemed a possibility. Then speculation concerning an Arkham title starring Batman’s son, Damian Wayne, began emerging. Recently, it’s been difficult to escape Superman and Court of Owls rumors. Hopefully, at least some of the most pressing questions will receive an answer come April 26th.

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