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Listings via GameStop Italy Suggest Price Hike on Next-Gen Titles from WB Games

It’s not confirmed yet, but listings from GameStop Italy indicate WB Games may join the next-gen price hike club. This seems evident in price differences between the PS4/Xbox One and PS5/Xbox Series X versions of Gotham Knights. Apparently, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which is only launching on next-gen platforms, will also bear a higher cost than the usual asking price. The current-gen version of Gotham Knights is listed for the price of €70.98. Meanwhile, its next-gen iteration and that of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League sit at €74.98.

ResetEra user Raigor stumbled across the listings on GameStop Italy’s official website. Check out screenshots of the Gotham Knights price differences below:

wb games prices

wb games prices

WB is one of the many publishers that publicly remains silent about whether or not it intends to increase game prices next-gen. The likes of Take-Two and Sony have already spoken out, however. Sony confirmed that this change will be reflected in the games it publishes upon announcing that Demon’s Souls will cost $69.99 USD. GameStop Italy shows the remake will go for €80.98 on PS5, a bit more than the price tag WB seems to be suggesting with its releases on the new hardware. Activision also revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will be $69.99 for the next-gen version of the game, marking more AAA games getting a price bump.

Ubisoft counts as another publisher that’s commented on the cost of its next-gen titles, though only in a limited capacity. The games that Ubisoft releases this holiday season are still slated to cost the usual $59.99 USD. However, the publisher remains mum about whether a price increase is in store for its projects once 2021 rolls around.

Gotham Knights will come to current-gen, next-gen, and PC platforms in 2021. Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad adventure isn’t due to release until sometime in 2022.

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