WB Games Montreal Superman Rumor

Warner Bros. Games Montréal Unannounced Project Rumored to be a Superman Game

Warner Bros. Games Montréal is hard at work on Gotham Knights, but this isn’t the only project they have in the works. According to a recent job advert, the team is hard at work on a third-person open world action game. As spotted by ResetEra, serial leaker James Sigfield has hinted that this project is likely to be a Superman game, while WB Games Montréal’s Creative Director has also been dropping a few subtle references to the superhero.

The team’s AAA new IP has been known about for quite a while thanks to a job listing that appeared a couple of months after the announcement of Gotham Knights. The new job listing is for a 3C Game Designer who will design playable characters for a third-person open world action game. While this could fit the premise of Gotham Knights, many feel it more likely to be the new AAA title. Sigfield has previously leaked the premise of Gotham Knights before the game was announced, as well as Rocksteady’s focus on Suicide Squad. This lends more weight to his hints that the new game will be a Superman title.

Sigfield has since been discussing the merits of a Superman game with fellow Twitter users, and several of his Tweets have been liked by WB Games Montréal’s Creative Director Patrick Redding. While this could all be a coincidence, especially as I’m not sure Superman could be described as a new IP, a Superman game is long overdue and the studio does have a history with the franchise. In terms of the games universe, Superman would technically be a “new IP” for the developer, just as the Batman Arkham series of games was a “new IP” despite Batman being established.

Superman’s last game was 2006’s Superman Returns that was loosely tied to the movie of the same name. While the hero has featured in many games since then and is scheduled to make an appearance in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, many feel 15 years is far too long. Rumors have suggested that this isn’t for want of trying; Warner Bros has reportedly canned two Superman games since 2013. One of these was supposedly in development at WB Games Montréal. Of course, there were also the rumors of a Superman title from Rocksteady. Whether these rumors ever get off the ground remains to be seen.

[Source: WB Games Montréal, Twitter via ResetEra]