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WB Games Montréal is Already Hiring for Development of a New IP

WB Games Montréal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins, is currently hard at work on the recently announced Gotham Knights. However, it seems the studio already has eyes on a brand-new project, a new IP of the AAA variety. This much is evidenced by a job posting on the developer’s website for a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer.

Twitter user The Arkham Channel spotted the listing. The user shared a screenshot of the posting in the following tweet:

WB Montréal’s new IP receives mention in the first line under the “Job Description” heading: “WB Games Montreal… seeks a Senior Gameplay/Animation Programmer to work with its game development team responsible for a new IP, AAA title.” The rest of the listing doesn’t offer much in the way of concrete details.

Yet, a bullet point beneath “Job Qualifications” asks that applicants be familiar with “developing for Xbox One and/or PS4.” That and a quick note about “cross-platform Gameplay systems” essentially confirms the studio has another cross-gen title up its sleeve.

Confirmed details about Gotham Knights makes the job listing’s “new IP” comment all the more fascinating. Might the team’s next project constitute a sequel for Gotham Knights, since the recently unveiled game is itself a new IP–separate from the Arkham series? Or will WB Games Montréal leave Gotham entirely, perhaps even the DC Universe, and pursue something fresh? It’s anyone’s guess for now. Whatever the job listing may be teasing, here’s to hoping years of teases and rumors don’t precede its official announcement.

Gotham Knights hits the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S in 2021.

[Source: WB Games Montréal via The Arkham Channel on Twitter]